2015 Cadillac ATS

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“It’s not about where you go, but how you get there”

In 2015 Cadillac takes luxury refinement to a new sporty level. While retaining virtually all the features and performance of the ATS luxury sedan, Cadillac opts to remove two doors and alters the look ever so slightly making it a luxury coupe. The stereotypical image of Cadillac in the past generally may be seen as a vehicle for older generations and not so much for people looking for sports cars, however if you give the ATS coupe a chance you may be astounded to see this is not the case. With structured sharp body lines, smooth lengthy flow and some new Cadillac signature cues, the ATS is quite the sight and might have you pleasantly surprised.


Now let’s talk about the luxury part of this luxury coupe, the interior of this vehicle is one of its strongest suits.  Everything used inside of this vehicle is of great quality and authentic, what I mean by authentic is that whether it be the wood trim, aluminum brushed, or carbon fiber trims, there not just cheesy plastic pieces but rather the true element in whichever design you choose. Beautiful cut-and-sewn leather wrap the 12-way adjustable driver and 10-way adjustable passenger seats, it also obviously covers the back seats but it continues through-out the rest of vehicle with distinct stiches that look like they have been hand-sewn.  The Cadillac ATS Coupe features a standard 60/40 split-folding rear seat that allows you to fold down one or both sides for additional cargo room should you need it. Little things inside of the ATS like a frame-less rearview mirror that looks like it just floats and the leather-laden steering wheel and gear shifter add a depth of luxury that is simply unmatched.

When it comes to state of the art technology, the ATS has plentiful. For the first example the ATS is the only car in its class with full 4G LTE connectivity through the GM OnStar System. This means the ATS will be a mobile hotspot with coverage in most of Canada. The Cadillac CUE (Cadillac User Experience) is an 8 in. touch-screen that innovative controls like haptic feedback, Natural Voice Recognition and proximity sensing technology; it impeccably combines vehicle controls, apps, communication and entertainment — all in one system. It even wirelessly charges your phone using segment-exclusive Wireless Charging in a fancy hidden storage compartment which is only accessible if one knows what to look for. Don’t be worried, I will let you in on the secret. Underneath the screen is the heater controls and CUE functions on the sleek black touch pad which also looks like it has the Cadillac emblem embedded into, there is a chrome strip underneath that  you can actually press from the bottom. Press that and abracadabra, up goes the touchpad and you are left with a clever storage space with a USB port and enough space to put some more valuable belongings.

The 3 window cluster display is easily accessible and adjustable to a driver’s preference by letting you customize what is to be displayed from navigation, radio, speed, fuel economy, phone and other options as well. Another adjustable display offered in the ATS is the Heads up Display which pops up on your windshield as your drive.


With precise engineering and superb handling the ATS is not all show, “ATS stokes the passion of the real driver. So sit back and put the pedal to the metal, because the ATS Coupe was born to go.”(www.Cadillac.com). Offered in two different engines to fit your driving needs the ATS is available in a 2.0 turbo charged engine producing 272 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque united with either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission with paddle shift.  For the car we got the pleasure of driving had a 3.6L V6 engine producing 321 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque, this engine is only available with the 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift.  Both engine options are available in all-wheel drive for an extra $2500 which ours had.

When first getting behind the wheel and driving the ATS you instantly notice the brisk acceleration and the precise handling, this in conjunction with the deep underlying exhaust notes makes for an enjoyable experience right off the bat.  There are a few key elements that make the handling on this vehicle so precise and smooth.  First of which being the class exclusive active suspension with magnetic ride control, this suspension speed-reads surface conditions up to 1000 times per second and dampens even on the slights shifts. Second of all, in the rear there is a five-link independent rear suspension which provides control and response making it an exceptional ride.  Thanks to the Brembo brakes upfront you will have absolutely no problem coming to an abrupt halt.


Cadillac has converted luxury sedans into luxury coupes in the past, like the CTS.  Although a fantastic car for those in the market for a luxury coupe it did have some design flaws thanks to extreme styling measures that lead to some drawbacks. One of the most obvious ones being an aggressively sloped rear windshield which made it harder to see rearward and made if really stuffy for any rear seat passengers. The ATS however, is a much more elegant, sophisticated and subtle transformation into a coupe that will have some noticeable advantages over the CTS. By steering clear of the some of the extreme styling cues, the ATS loses a few inches off the top lowering the roofline (as it should on any coupe), and extends further back compared to the CTS allowing for a suitable and practical more upright rear windshield. Moving down from the rear windshield at the rear of the car, Cadillac incorporates an overhanging spoiler which is fabricated right into the trunk lid.  This in combination with the dual exhaust, upward LED tail lights and overall width and muscularity make for an aggressive look. When it comes to the face of this car, the ATS is equipped with HID (High Intensity Discharge) adaptive forward lighting and auto high beam control with a LED vertical light that is Cadillac’s signature. HID fog lights are the perfect companion and allow for maximum visibility, not to mention it looks pretty snazzy, especially when all in sync with the distinctive LED illuminated door handles.   In 2015 another signature cue Cadillac has incorporated in pretty much all their vehicles is a new Galvano chrome accented grill; this grill contains a respectful amount of detail from twisted curvy back-round lines to simply mimicking the shape of the Cadillac emblem which is placed directly in the center, this grill suits the ATS perfectly. Overall the ATS is a wonderful sight, its sharp edgy lines and shapes through-out the car give it an athletic stance and makes this car easily recognizable among any crowd.


Yet another class exclusive feature we see in the ATS is the safety alert seat which vibrates on either left, right or both sides alerting you of potential hazards and direction they are coming from. In the department of safety the ATS has you covered, from features like adaptive cruise control, forward collision alert, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning systems, front automatic braking and blind spot indication this vehicle will do its best to keep you safe.

The 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe is a well-rounded competitor is the segment of Luxury Coupes, the stellar styling and design of this car will surely draw you in and the precise engineering, exceptional handling and intuitive next-generation technology will surely have you sold.


Interior Engine/Performance Exterior Safety Overall
4.5 4.5 4.5 4.0 4.4/A