2016 Cadillac Escalade Platinum

“Sophistication and Innovation, Everywhere You Look.”

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  • 2016 Cadillac Escalade

The 2016 Cadillac Escalade is one of the most luxurious domestic SUV’s you can find and one of our favourites.  With the prefect blend of class, elegance and style the Escalade begs for attention. Frankly, because of its fully dominant figure and aggressive stance its simply just to hard to miss this beast.

Interior2016 Cadillac Escalade

The proximity key entry system allows for the doors to open simply by reaching for the handle without the key ever leaving your pocket. Once opened the automatic side step bar comes down making getting in and out of this big SUV very easy. Immediately upon entry into the Escalade cabin you can see and feel the beautiful and meticulously selected materials. With seats fit for a true captain, you are able to configure the driver and passenger seat 18 ways.  Also integrated is the multiple selection of massage methods that are sure to keep you relaxed and knot free for the road trips ahead.  Winter is no match either for the 2016 Escalade with 1st and 2nd row heated seats; the 1st row also comes equipped with cooled seats. Every passenger can choose their ride temperature with the tri-zone automatic climate control. The 3rd row features power folding seats that lower and rise with a simple touch of a button creating tons of cargo space in the back. Loaded with technology featuring Cadillac’s CUE, it delivers a practical, intelligent and highly intuitive control system with enhanced voice recognition. All controlled from the center touch-screen system and the massive 12.3inch LCD gauge display. You will never have to take your eyes of the road thanks to the head-up display that can be customized to your settings. To ensure all your passengers are well entertained on those long road trips, Cadillac’s rear entertainment system comes with a large 9-inch fold down screen in the center and two headrest screens with wireless headphones. Included is a 16 speaker BOSE CenterPoint surround sound system that gives you a crisp and clear delivery of sound at really any volume.

The use of Alcantara suede throughout the Escalade was the absolute cherry on top, it’s hard to say that the interior of the Escalade could get much more refined or luxurious but if there was one thing that could have done it, surely the full alcantara suede headliner and alcanatra accents was it.2016 Cadillac Escalade

Loaded with storage space all throughout the Escalade features a large center console storage that is fitted with multiple USB ports, 110V power outlet and enough storage room to store devices and a laptop or tablet.  In the Platinum version we had however, was fitted a center console cooler that is able to store up to six 591ml bottles at a cool temperature of 4⁰ Celsius.

Overall, the 2016 Cadillac Escalade offers a premium interior setting loaded with automatic features and technology that is easy to use and familiarize yourself with. The level of prestige that the Escalade offers was simply unmatchable and for the price point it’s hard to imagine that Cadillac could have done much more to improve on other than maybe the addition of some automatic shutters for passengers.



The 2016 Cadillac features an 8-speed transmission and is powered by a 6.2L V8 engine delivering 420 hp and 460lb.-ft of torque. Fitted with variable valve timing, direct injection and active fuel management that shuts down 4 cylinders while coasting in best efforts to reduce your pump stops, seamlessly switching back and forth without much noticeable lag the Escalade is there to deliver you with all of its potential when the accelerator is pressed down slightly.  The Cadillac weighs about 7300 pounds, but because of the big powerful engine and smooth shifting transmission combination it is able to take off ever so effortlessly and swiftly giving you absolutely no recollection of the actual weight.

The available 4WD system lets you handle nearly any road and the magnetic ride control ensures your ride is as smooth as they come. The ride control system assesses the road up to 1,000 times per second to adjust the suspension based on the road conditions. Furthermore, to ensure the burly V8 doesn’t make too much noise, Cadillac has equipped the truck with acoustic front glass, triple-sealed inset doors and the use of Bose Active Noise Cancellation. Overall, one of the smoothest trucks I’ve ever driven with undeniable power when you need it.2016 Cadillac Escalade

Surprisingly, despite the gargantuan size of this beast in its entirety, the Escalade proved to be less of a hassle to navigate then first expected.  Thanks to Surround Vision that gives you a birds-eye view of the Escalade and the area immediately surround it, giant mirrors and an abundant amount of driver assistance features ranging from; Lane Keep Assist, Lane Change Alert, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Safety Alert Seat, Side Blind Zone Alert and Forward Collision Alert make for an easier driving experience. Please don’t get me wrong though, this does not change the fact that the Escalade is still a monster and involves a significant amount of attention and confidence to drive.  It actually will remind you of its size every once in a while by letting you know that the streets are narrow in certain areas. Adaptive cruise control alongside forward and rear automatic breaking are also there to support you even further if full attention is diverted at the wheel.

One of the most Intriguing things I found about the Escalade was the fact that it was able to make a u-turn in really tight spots, now I know that is quite a small detail to find really exciting but it really was.  It not that the Escalade had a good turning radius in comparison to its size, it simply just had a phenomenal turning radius in general even in comparison to a car as small as a coupe.  Every time it was necessary to turn around the Escalade had absolutely no problem and more or so pivoted on the back wheels like a tractor or the reverse of a forklift making it far more convenient for its size.


Exterior2016 Cadillac Escalade

As if the Escalade needs an introduction, its presence is felt instantly once it enters the vicinity.  Every aspect of this Caddy is mega-sized, starting from the basic structure itself down to all of the little details.  For instance, if you were to see this thing creeping up on you in the rear view mirrors, you would instantly notice the gigantic Cadillac emblem shaped grille barreling closer towards you as you are left with almost no choice but switching lanes because of its over-whelming size and intimidation factor. Surrounding the grille is the featured advanced forward lighting with the vertically stacked LED head lights and cornering LED lamps that always have great visibility, not to mention the stunning appeal they bring to the Escalade.  Meticulously detailed with stunning design accents and body lines, the 2016 Cadillac Escalade makes a bold expression. The rear features beautiful light-blade LED tail lamps that start at the top of the bumper and work their way up to essentially the roof line, they are probably one of the biggest taillights on the market of any vehicle that comes to mind.  They are likely not to be everyone’s cup of tea because of the sheer size but they grew on me and I gained appreciation for them over the course of the time we had the Escalade.  Sitting perfectly on a set of beautiful 22 inch rims that have a chrome and brushed aluminum design, the Caddy is coupled with a fine set of shoes that fit it perfectly.  The 2016 Cadillac Escalade’s exterior is finely crafted with care and detail that is evident at first glance, executive and luxury class is present not only throughout the interior but also resonates all over the exterior of this behemoth.


Peace of mind comes standard with the 2016 Escalade. It offers a solid foundation to protect you, constructed from high strength steel alloys and integrated with strategic crumple zones to ensure you can drive with confidence. To add to this solid base, Cadillac has paired the foundation with an array of options to protect you and your family. Cadillac’s first in-class front center airbag along with the other strategically places airbags is designed to deploy in the middle of the driver and passenger to reduce the risk of injury in a side impact or rollover. Included with the Platinum Edition it comes equipped with lane keep assist, rear cross-traffic alert, side blind zone alert, lane change alert, forward collision alert, adaptive cruise control, front and rear automatic braking and automatic safety belt tightening. As soon as an alert is detected the safety alert seat will send vibrating pulses through the seat cushion depending on which side the alert is detected that side of the cushion will only pulse. Furthermore, surround vision allows to you to have a birds eye view of the exterior to make parking in those tight spots a breeze. Standard is Cadillac’s OnStar safety which gives you access to a range of features and options with the click of the button.

Interior Engine/Performance Exterior Safety Overall
4.75 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.6/A+

By: Hamjit Sekhon