2016 Ford F150 Limited

"The Safest F-150 Ever"

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  • 2016 Ford F150 Limited


Upon opening the door to the Limited edition F150 you notice an incredibly enticing interior. The two-tone Mojave leather interior has the perfect blend of colour between brown and black. While being mainly black the designers put plenty of brown in seat inserts, sticking, door panels and centre console giving the interior a classy and refined feel.  Fading from dark to light brown Ford also incorporated wood grain that ties everything together.  Although brown is plenty it is not over bearing as in some trucks, it is an appropriate amount that gives the interior a sophisticated appearance. You most likely will not be able to forget you are in the Limited model thanks to the fancy interior, but even if that is not enough, the Limited badges scattered through-out the inside will surely remind you.  From limited badges on every seat to the illuminated door sills, even the beautiful laser-engraved VIN plate with the production number stamped on the centre console made the truck feel exclusive. img_8278

The Storage room in the cab was abundant, each door panel had huge cubbies with the front seats having additional cubbies on the side of the centre console for smaller personal items.  The back seats conveniently fold up for a big open storage area for bigger items, much bigger items even. The twin panel moon roof lets in tons of natural light brighting up the inside furthermore.


The F150 limited is fitted with a 10 speaker Sony audio system with Sync3 Controlling everything.  You can give voice commands to Sync3 like bluetooth options, media options, etc… to maintain maximum attention on the road ahead.  There are plenty of driver assistance features and technologies that are class-exclusive and make driving this truck so much more pleasurable.  These include the Pro Trailer Backup assist for starters, this allows you to simply turn a knob indicating where you want your trailer to go. Then the truck will automatically steer in the direction necessary to get the trailer where you want it to go, this could make life much simpler for not only novice trailer operators but skilled ones as well.  Also class-exclusive is the 360-degree camera utilizing 4 cameras with option to do split-view display.  Yet another class- exclusive is active park assist, this is  where the truck will help you parallel park while you control braking, acceleration and gear election.  Other great features include Lane-Keep Assist with adjustable haptic feed back and light indication, Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert, Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control and Curve Control.



This truck is certainly one of the greatest styled trucks in the market in my opinion. While it still portrays a rugged truck appearance there are great styling cues that make this truck look much more luxurious and elegant than trucks generally do.  This may be because of the beautiful 22 inch polishes aluminium wheels, maybe it is thanks to the beautiful front end that incorporates futuristic and unique headlights with quad-beam LED’s with the subtle yet fancy grille, it could even be the cowl shaped-like hood with raised Limited badging. Regardless of what it is, the F150 Limited is very easy on the eyes.  Chrome accents are present throughout the design but nowhere does it feel like there is too much bling or shine. At the back of the truck we again see quad-beam LED’s used for the taillights that mimic the design of the headlight, bridging the gap between the taillights is the polished aluminum section carrying out the Limited name.

Power-deployable running boards, remote tailgate release and integrated tailgate step with lift assist are just some more great features that make this truck extremely practical, in combination with this is LED box light positioned to make the tailgate a work bench even at night time.



When it comes time for buying a truck we all know that performance is really important, generally because trucks are made to be pushed and driving sometimes under intense driving conditions such as carrying heavy pay-loads or hauling big trailers.  Whatever the circumstance may be the F150 is there to deliver, Ford undergoes Torture testing with the new models by taking them in extreme weathers while towing heavy trailers to insure durability and longevity.  The F150 can tow more than any pickup truck in its class, the 3.5 liter Eco boost V6 engine with payload package producing 365 horsepower and 420 ft-kb of torque can tow up-to 12,200 lbs.  Available is an 8 inch productive screen dedicated to towing information and standard is Trailer Sway control keeping your trailer more stable on course.   As far as the EPA rating is concerned the F150 gives a 13.5 city/ 9.8 HWY AND 11.8L/100km combined average.


Ford was able to shed off 700 pounds thanks to switching from the traditional steel body to a high strength military grade aluminum body, this intern helps the F150 get awards such as Best-in-Class Fuel Efficiency and Best-in-class Towing.

Besides all the technical mumbo jumbo the F150 is an amazing vehicle to drive, the electronic 6-speed automatic transmission makes it very smooth yet extremely torquey when need be. That in addition to all the assistance features makes driving this beast a breeze.



Just because the F150 is now so much lighter than ever before does not mean it is not as safe, and as a matter of fact it is safer than ever before.  It received a 5-star overall crash test rating by the National highway Traffic Safety Administration which is the highest score possible.  This is thanks to numerous different things, from the 12 sided design in the front frame horns made of high strength steel to dissipate crash energy to additional cross members rigidifying the frame.  Airbags are installed throughout the truck and when it comes to safety, the F150 has you covered.


Interior Engine/Performance Exterior Safety Overall
4.6 4.6 4.6 4.8 4.65/A