2016 Lincoln MKC

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The Perfect Frame of Mind

Still a crowd pleaser the 2016 Lincoln MKC is the perfect midsize vehicle for those looking for a domestic high-end luxury ride.


When driving the 2016 MKC you will notice how quiet it is with the active noise control which reduces unwanted engine noises and enhancing desired sounds. The seats are super comfortable, with 10-way power adjustments and cooling/heating when needed and ample room for all passengers. The MKC feels especially large with the huge panoramic sunroof. The sound system is amazing with the THX system that has 14 strategically placed speakers, which is perfect when using MyLincoln Touch with a large 8-inch screen which allows you to personalize your driving experience by syncing your media devices.


The 2016 MKC has 2 engine options, the same as the 2015, either the 2.0l or the 2.3l Ecoboost which gives you 285 horsepower and 305lb-ft of torque. Lincoln continued with the class-exclusive push button transmission, which saves room in the cockpit as well as makes shifting gears as easy as a push of a button; it takes a bit to get used to it but you soon love it. The MKC is a very smooth ride due to the continuously controlled damping which involves sensors that continuously monitors and adjusts the suspension, active noise control and stability control systems all of which are being monitored 50 times per second.


Not much was changed on the 2016 making the MKC still a pleasure on the eyes. With the classic Lincoln grille reimagined to spread outward to frame the HID with LED accents and crisp lines and athletic nature the MKC has created a lot more crossover fans. Most Lincoln vehicles including the MKC have the option of the BLIS, the Blind Spot Information System, where a warning light illuminates in your side mirror when a vehicle is in your blind spot, this is a very handy feature, but it is always safe to check your blind spots when changing lanes and not to rely solely on the BLIS. The HID headlamps are truly illuminating and are motorized, based on steering wheel angle and vehicle speed, the low beam projector headlamps turn in the same direction as the vehicle, rotating 5 degrees inboard and 15 degrees outboard, this allows for more of the roadway to become visible around a curve.


The 2016 MKC is still loaded with great safety features including dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags, front-seat side-impact airbags, and first- and second-row side-curtain airbags with exclusive roll-fold technology that are designed to deploy between the driver and the window. With sophisticated sensors to measure oversteer and yaw, standard AdvanceTrac® ESC (electronic stability control) with brake-actuated traction control helps improve management of slippery surfaces like snowy, muddy, wet or gravel roads. Another great feature is the ultrasonic driving aids that notify you if you are approaching at too fast a speed or getting to close to something and it will precharge and increase brake sensitivity to aid in braking. Constantly monitoring vehicle speed, throttle position and steering wheel angle, AdvanceTrac ESC automatically modulates engine power or selectively applies the brakes if it senses wheel slip or loss of traction, helping you stay on your intended path.


Interior Engine/Performance Exterior Safety Overall
4.5 4.75 4.5 4.5 4.55/A


By: Aman Nijjer