2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier

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  • 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier


From first glance the Tahoe stands to make an impression, sitting tall and wide the Tahoe has an aggresive stance and athletic design that is thirsty for attention. Starting at the bottom, Chevy offers a wide array of wheel size and design depending on your package desire ranging from 18 inch rims all the way up to 22 inch rims.  Our tester was fitted with the 22 inch rims in a black finish, this paired up phenomenally with the Iridescent Pearl Tri-coat white paint job giving the Tahoe excellent presence and curb appeal.  I would have to say that all of the GM SUV’s have a great shape to them, they’re not overly complicated with unnecessary styling cues trying to make them something they’re not.  They are simple with smooth subtle lines and windows that have perfect orientation.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier

The Tahoe sits surprisingly high giving it plenty of clearance for rough roads and obstacles, thankfully our tester was fitted with automatic running boards that deploy once doors are opened to help with getting in and out of this beast.

In the Front we see the use of a unique HID headlight design with LED accents, these are Intelli-beam headlights that have automatic high beam on and off.  In between them there is beautiful bold grille with the addition of the black bow tie emblem adding to the black and white theme.  Also in the front we see the use of fog lights for even better lighting.

Moving to the back Chevrolet sticks with its subtle yet sophisticated theme by keeping it nice and simple, there is nothing to fancy back there expect for the automatic lift gate and black bow tie emblem.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier



The tough athletic and rugged feel stops as soon as you open the door and hop inside the Tahoe, the interior is rather soft and refined with premium amenities for convenience and comfort to a new degree.  The first 2 rows use bucket seats and the driver and passenger seats are 12 way power adjustable and perforated leather for the heating and ventilation.  The 2nd row captain seats are heated as well.  Our tester was lined with the Jet black leather interior throughout and power sunroof to shed extra light on the dark interior.

The drivers cockpit in the Tahoe was very informative giving you all vital and necessary information directly in front of you weather it be via cluster gauge or the ever so convenient Heads Up Display (HUD).  Both of these systems are adjustable to give you information such as fuel, speed, media, phone and vehicle settings.  The heated steering wheel has all necessary controls along to help keep distracted driving at a minimum.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier

The center console and main dash area were designed very well giving you great technology with a  clean and sophisticated look, in the centre of the armrest Chevy incorporated the wireless charging port for seamless charging.  Moving forward from there we see  a very user friendly dash design with clear and distinct buttons for all media and Tri-Zone heating controls.  Above this the Tahoe uses Mylink radio with navigation and a 8 inch touchscreen display that you are able to configure in a few different ways to display useful information. This unit is able to connect to wifi and has built in WI-Fi hotspot with 4G LTE so you can install various different apps and stay connected.  This unit also accepts voice commands for many different functions, this is standard but can be even further upgraded for even more voice command options by using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.  A great touch that GM uses on lots of their vehicles is the hidden compartment behind the screen, this is accessed by hitting a button that slides up the screen exposing the cubby big enough for hiding more valuable merchandise.

There are so many different power outlets scattered throughout the Tahoe, starting with up to seven USB ports and a 110-volt power outlet.  I know people that have less ports than this in there homes for Pete’s sake. It does not end there however, we also see auxiliary input, audio/video input and HDMI/MHL inputs.

The Tahoe is the ultimate road warrior, whether it be for road trips or just hauling around the family.  There is just so much room in this goliath of an SUV,  there is enough available seating for up to nine people.  Our tester only had enough seating for seven which was just perfect because it gave every passenger enough room to sit comfortably without any sense of squeezing.  Automatic third row folding seats are the perfect solution for extra cargo space, the second row captain seats had plenty of adjustment and were also power folding to go flat from the truck for a total of almost 95 cu. ft. of cargo space.  To keep all the passengers in the back happy and quiet the Tahoe incorporates a rear fold down Blu-Ray/DVD player with wireless headphones great for road trips.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier

The sound system in this SUV is worth noting,  fitted with a 10-speaker Bose Centrepoint Surround Sound the Tahoe sounded more like a night club then a vehicle. Clean and crisp sound with enough bass to surely have you vibrating.



With everything positive going for the Tahoe Premier edition we have a drive-train and power-train to match.  Powered by a 5.3L Ecotec V8 with active fuel management, direct injection and variable valve timing Chevy uses an aluminium block construction that yields 355 HP and 383 lb-ft or torque.  This is married to an 6-speed automatic transmission that is electronically controlled with overdrive and tow mode.  The duo of the two leads the Tahoe to a best in class highway fuel consumption rating of 10.4 L/100km.

With this much power you are able to tow up to a maximum capability of 8600 lb,  this is surely enough to haul what ever summer or winter toys you may have.


The Tahoe uses magnetic ride control with electronically controlled shock absorbers that sense the road making adjustments accordingly for the best driving experience. The turning radius on this SUV is mind-blowing, for such a big vehicle it can turn on a dime.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier

The Tahoe is an absolute great experience to drive, the size is only overwhelming to look at.  Once you are behind the wheel it is surprisingly  easy to drive, the abundance of drivers assistance features make it easy to pay attention on the road ahead with the reassurance that the SUV will have your back giving you signs you might miss.

As far as these are concerned our tester had a lot included, these ranged from Hill Start Assist, Traction control that uses brake assist to control stability, Forward Collision Alert, Lane keep Assist and Safety Alert Drivers seat that vibrates anytime the SUV senses danger, Adaptive Cruise Control with automatic braking, Automatic Collision Preparation, Rearview Camera, Rear and Front park Assist, BlindSpot Information System and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

One thing I can not forget to mention is how quiet and smooth the truck felt on the inside, it felt as if you were just floating along as opposed to actually driving, this is not only thanks to the suspension but also thanks to the cabin refinements. An acoustic laminated windshield with triple seals helps reduce outside noise.



Even with all the Drivers assistance features the Tahoe still has more safety to offer.   Airbags in the front and on the sides for driver and passenger, driver also gets inboard seat mounted side impact and head curtain,  all row gets curtain airbags for side impacts, Inflatable seating restrings that are sensed automatically when passengers sit into seat.

Another great feature in the Tahoe is teen driver mode, although I’m sure most of you won’t be letting your children learn how to drive on a vehicle like this I’m sure there are plenty of people that will.  This mode enables you to configure vehicle driver settings such as limiting features and prevents certain safety systems from being turned off. You can also alter vehicle speed settings, this mode gives you an in vehicle driving report of your teens driving to help you give them tips.