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We`re providing  you with up to date test drives, vehicle grading, reviews and photos of the latest vehicles on the market.  Soo…..  If you have ever questioned how we test cars here at Big Story News then keep reading.

Here at Big Story News, we always put ourselves in the buyers shoes.  If we’re testing sports cars then desirability, performance and handling along with a fun factor, will be a higher priority.   Although if we’re testing family cars then we’ll focus on areas like space, practicality, safety and comfort, while always taking into account factors that will affect those who put budget in mind first.

With your help, Big Story News is rapidly expanding to bring you not just original reviews on vehicles and its manufactures, but also businesses such as resturantes, golfing locations, consumer product review’s and much much more.  Like us on facebook, tweet us, help us do whatever it takes to help supply you with reviews you WANT to read!

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We post RSS feeds on BigStoryNews.com to keep you the consumer updated with the latest news from around the world.  We take no credit for any news that you read up on, unless the feed is signed by one of our journalists.  So why search and jump from site to site.  We got it all here.



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